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Watching Out for Tigers: Things My Kids Say

Hair-pulling, sister-biting, milk-spilling weapons of mass destruction. The hurricane and the tornado. These are my children. This is the life of a parent. But every now and then, whether hilarious or profound, these tiny humans say something that makes the world stand still. And speechless, my husband and I stare at each other, the same question on our lips, did that really just happen? These are some of the moments that make these pint-sized forces of nature worth the endurance. Below are my favorite things my kids say.

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Top Ten Things My Kids Say

1. Scene: Blowing out birthday cake candles, just two or three years old at the time

My Little: “I wish, I wish a fish!”

Our own little Dr. Seuss in the making.

2. Scene: Leaving for work, my daughter calls to me

“Remember to brush your teeth and watch out for tigers!”

Words to live by.

3. Scene: Moving

My Little: “Are we taking all of our toys from the grown-up house?”

It took me a while to understand why she kept calling our old house the “grown-up house.” I think her logic went something like this: We have a new house and an old house. If you’re a grown-up, you’re old. Therefore, old house and grown-up house must be synonymous. I love preschool logic.

4. Scene: Just chilln’ in the living room, discussing life, favorite colors, and eating our vegetables.

My Little: “Mommy, do you like yellow?”

Me: “Yes.

My Little: “Do you like pink?”

Me: “Yes.”

My Little: “Do you like green?”

Me: “Yes.”

<Here she pauses. That was not a response she had expected, as she did not like the color green and would not eat any green vegetables at the time because of it. She thinks only a moment, then continues.>

My Little: “Do you like orange?”

Me: “It’s not my favorite.” 

My Little, with no hesitation: “You have to eat it anyway.” 

And  there I sat, choking on my own words, from dinner the night before.

5. Scene: After a quarrel

Little sister: “Can we be best friends again?”

Big sister: “We already are best friends.”

6. Scene: At the dinner table.

Me: “Don’t do that, that’s bad manners.”

My Little: “Thank you for teaching me bad manners.”

Face. Palm.

7. Scene: Bed time

My Little: “I’m just copying everything you say, Mommy. ‘Cause you have the greatest ideas.”

I just had to have a written record of this statement. I am well aware these are words I may never hear repeated again.

8. Scene: One night at the dinner table

Big sister: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Little sister: “What are you thinking?”

Big sister: “I’m thinking about jumping out of a plane.”

Little sister: “I’m not thinking what you’re thinking.”

Because why wouldn’t you be thinking about that?

9. Scene: Bed time one evening

My Little: “You can’t catch me!” <Running laps around the kitchen island>

Me: Staring blankly. Is this really happening? We’re supposed to be calming down for bed, not running laps like we just ate a bucket full of Pixie Stix.

My Little: “Mommy catch me!”

Me: “I can’t catch you, little one, you’re too fast!”

My Little: “I hope so, ’cause I don’t want to go to bed!”

So this is how tonight is going to be.

10. Scene: At the park, rolling around in the grass

Me: “What are you doing, little one?”

My Little: “Making sunshine.”

More great words to live by. We should all make our own sunshine.

11. Scene: Middle of the night, after a bad dream

My Little: “When I have a bad dream, I want you to give me ribs in the morning.”

Reasonable enough request.

Preserving Memories

As much as their little words made the room stand still at the time, it’s amazing how quickly we forget these moments. But I’ve got two favorite ways to preserve these sweet memories.

My top choice is this cute little book, My Quotable Kid: A Parents’ Journal of Unforgettable Quotes. I love it because it’s quick and easy to grab and jot down a little quote. No big deal. It’s filled with little speech bubbles for recording your memories, includes a spot for age, date and location. And it makes a fun and personalized coffee table book. Love it.

My second favorite way to preserve these moments is a little time consuming, a work in progress, but so worth it. I organize my photos in family yearbooks, using Shutterfly’s scrapbooking service. It’s easy to use and the finished product is beautiful. I figure, what’s the point of saving all our favorite photos on hard drives, flashdrives or the Cloud if we never even look at them? After I’ve finished filling my yearbook with photos, I slip in little quotes from the Littles where ever they fit best. It adds the perfect extra little something, and these books make fun coffee table books as well.

Further Reading

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Question of the Day

1. What is the funniest or sweetest thing you’ve heard your kids say?

2. How do you keep these special memories?

31 thoughts on “Watching Out for Tigers: Things My Kids Say

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Ashlyn. I loved your post about up-cycling your bed frame – how fun! I’m feeling inspired, I may have to try my hand at a similar project. I have a coffee table that could use a make over!

  1. Okay this was the most adorable post ever! My fiancés mum used to write down funny things they all said, and now it’s something we read and laugh about all the time. By writing these down you’re creating memories for them to look bad on. Love the idea.

    1. That must be so fun to be able to look back at those quotes and laugh together over what we say when we’re little! I hope some day to do the same with my kids. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, Bree!

  2. This is such a cute post! I giggled all the way through. Children say the best things, and it’s such a great idea to write down all their fabulous sayings, so you don’t forget them! My parents did the same thing for us kids while we were growing up. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

    1. I giggled the whole time I was writing this! It was so much fun. That’s so awesome your parents did this as well! Thank you for stopping by, Aarika!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Lol I think I’ll especially have fun reminding them of the time they said I have the greatest ideas!

    1. Oh 9 months is such a precious age! I know everyone says they grow up so fast, but it really is so true. Make sure you have somewhere good to jot down all the cute things he says when he starts talking! Thank you for stopping by, Rachel!

    1. Sarah, you should! I find no matter how hard I laughed, I still seem to forget what they said by the next day. I don’t remember half of it if I don’t write it down!

  3. Oh my goodness, my heart melted with the “Can we be best friends again”, “We already are best friends”. And loving the “Watch out for tigers”. You definitely chose the best two to highlight in the images 😀

  4. The scrapbook with the quotes is such a clever idea. I do something similar for my nephew every year for his birthday. Well let’s be honest, it’s really more for his parents. Except I don’t do the quotes thing. I might have to steal that idea as he says some of the cutest things!

    1. Best Aunt of the Year Award! (or sister lol) That’s awesome! You should definitely include the quotes – I’m sure his parents would love it.

  5. Aww this is such a sweet post! I really need to start recording the funny sayings my toddler comes out with as they never fail to make me smile! My favourite was when we were organising a surprise birthday cake for his dad. He kept his cool until I told him he needed to help me pick a candle, then he got so excited he ran screaming from the kitchen telling his dad he was getting a candle, a candle on his cake! Surprise ruined but it was so sweet! 🙂

    Scheduled this to share via twitter as it made me smile 🙂

    Hope you are having a good week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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