Spring Clean your Cleaning Routine: My Interview with a Norwex Consultant

Spring is here! I thought we’d never see it, with some of this weather we’ve had…who would have ever anticipated snow. In March. In the Northwest?! Any how, I’ve definitely got some spring fever going on.

And with that spring fever, I am rolling up my sleeves and getting ready for some spring cleaning. Open the doors, open the windows, and air out the house! Get rid of those dust bunnies and cob webs. It’s the perfect time to clean, clear, and de-clutter our homes – say good bye to all that’s been weighing us down through the dark and gloomy winter months.

Greener Cleaning

As I’m making plans to get started on some spring cleaning, I’m taking inventory of my cleaning supplies. I was just recently introduced to Norwex and I’m kind of excited about it. Yes, you read that right. I’m excited about cleaning.

I’m trying these products out for the first time. So I made sure my house was good and dirty before testing out these cleaning products, just to see if they really do all they claim. Okay, okay, or maybe I just really hate cleaning and let the house go a little too long.

But seriously, some times I build cleaning up in my mind to be a bigger hassle than I know it actually is. The cleaning supplies are all high up in a closet, which is difficult when you’re just shy of five-foot-nothing. You have to pull out a step ladder just to get started! And then you have to make sure you’re properly dressed in the raggiest clothes you own, because a lot of those cleaning products have the power to bleach, stain, and destroy whatever you’re wearing. It’s a hassle.

When I decided to give Norwex a try, I wasn’t necessarily looking for a quicker, easier clean. I just wanted to support a friend and liked the sound of chemical-free cleaning. I figured it would be good for my family and the environment. But I have to say, there have been more benefits from using Norwex than I anticipated.

For the record, this is not a sponsored post. The products I’ve tried, I’ve purchased myself. At first I was pretty skeptical about cleaning with nothing more than a cloth and water. But my friend raved about her Envirocloth. And then I tried it for myself. After that, it was Game. Over.

I interviewed the fabulous and amazing Megan King, my Norwex consultant, to get a little better understanding of Norwex as a company, and their products. You can check out Norwex for yourself at her website meganking.norwex.biz. Below is our conversation, paraphrased.

My Interview with a Norwex Consultant

About the Company

How did Megan get into Norwex?

Megan heard about Norwex a couple years ago. But it wasn’t until about six months ago when she participated in a friend’s Facebook party that she decided to give the products a try. Megan said she had been using bleach wipes for forever (sounds familiar). When she ran out, she thought, “well, I’ve got to spend the money any way.” From there, she hosted her own Norwex party and started talking to her consultant about what it’s like to be a Norwex consultant. Megan was looking for a way to contribute more to her family’s finances at the time, and Norwex had a product she believed in. Today, she has her own Norwex business.

Why does Megan love Norwex as a company?

Megan loves that the Norwex mission is to create a safe home environment for families. She says,

“It’s such a positive mission to be all about the family and create something better for the family, to create products that don’t introduce chemicals into the home.”

How consultant friendly is Norwex as a company?

Megan feels that Norwex is very consultant friendly. First of all, the buy-in costs are so minimal, that it makes becoming a consultant so do-able.

Second, there are so many incentives for consultants. For example, Megan has earned hundreds of dollars in spending money towards Norwex products. She says they’re a very generous company, and very positive in how they motivate their consultants.

Lastly, Norwex offers amazing customer service. Megan says they’re available to help customers when she isn’t able to, for whatever reason, and that takes a lot of pressure off of  consultants. With Norwex backing her, Megan feels empowered to build a strong rapport with her customers.

Norwex Product Care Instructions

The care instructions for Norwex products are so simple it’s silly. Use water only, clean your surface, rinse cloth, hang to dry. Done. The weave and fiber of the cloths are super absorbent, so it’s not going to leave a puddle on your floor. If your cloths are needing a little extra TLC, you can throw them in the washer, but be cautious about the detergent you use. You can use Norwex brand laundry detergent, or any brand, as long as it does not contain fillers or fabric softener. If your cloths are looking worn or feel crunchy even after washing them, you can boil them in hot water, which will release any remaining build up.


Okay, okay, no chemicals? But how do you get rid of the germs lurking around every surface through out your house? Any Norwex cloth with the Baclock label has silver woven in, which is a natural anti-infectant. Norwex claims that as long as you use their cloths properly, they can remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface.

Cleaning products

Norwex does have a few cleaning products. The descaler and all purpose cleaner are both excellent for use on the toilet, sink, and bathtub. Norwex also has a laundry detergent and dish detergent available, both without fillers.

Products Highlights

What’s Megan’s favorite Norwex product?

The dust mitt. Megan really didn’t like dusting before. She feels that dusting with her mitt is so productive. Instead of watching all the dust fly through the air, she sees it all collect right on her dust mitt.

What’s Megan’s most used Norwex product?

The kitchen cloth. Megan cleans the kitchen more than any other room in her house. She loves having one cloth to clean all the surfaces in her kitchen; it’s made cleaning a lot easier. Plus, it didn’t sit right with Megan putting bleach all over the surfaces her family ate on. Once she mentioned that, I realized I’ve felt the same itch before too. Megan told me that the kitchen cloth doesn’t hold onto food and crumbs or stink like a traditional washcloth does. It picks up your mess well, and washes out nicely.

What product gives you the most bang for your buck?

The Basic Package (enviro + window cloth). The Envirocloth is perfect for cleaning surfaces, while the window cloth is excellent for polishing surfaces. Megan has eliminated so many products and saved so much time just by using these two products.

How to use the Veggie Cloth 

The Veggie Cloth is double sided. The “scrubby” or scratchy side is used to wash off vegetables with harder peals, like carrots and potatoes. Megan and some of her fellow Norwex users don’t even peel their carrots any more. Just rinse and scrub. The softer side is used for polishing fruits, like apples. It takes the wax right off.

Fluff and Tumble (Wool) Dryer Balls vs. Dryer Balls

Norwex has both wool dyer balls and these crazy-fun, spiky green plastic dryer balls. I was so curious what the difference between the two products was. Megan had the answers without even blinking an eye. The fluff and tumble wool dryer balls are all natural and better for the environment, with a two-year warranty. Whereas the green spiky dryer balls are made of plastic and have pvc present, plus they only have a one-year warranty.

I was happy to know I had made the right purchase! I haven’t used a single dryer sheet since I received my fluff and tumble wool dryer balls. And I’m having so much fun experimenting with my essential oils. I just put the oil directly on the dryer ball and the fresh scent is  as good as a dryer sheet. Megan suggests playing around with your essential oils till you get the scent just as strong or soft as you prefer. Usually one to three drops should do the trick.

After the Party

Do you still have cleaning chemicals in the closet?

Megan definitely knows her Norwex. I can tell she uses the products regularly. I was so curious if she had any of her traditional cleaning products still lying around. It turns out, some she gave away, and some she threw away. I felt inspired to go clean out my cleaning supplies after our conversation. Another unexpected perk from using Norwex: I have more closet space!

Megan’s Closing Words

Megan admits that the price tag can be scary. But she assures that once you try a product, you’ll recognize how much money and time you’ll save in the end. Norwex isn’t just trying to build some pyramid scheme. The products they sell are legit; they really do what they say they do. And in all her time as a consultant, Megan has yet to have an unsatisfied customer. So don’t be afraid of the price tag.

My Norwex Experience 

I was initially skeptical of Norwex’s claims about the quality and effectiveness of their products. But a fellow Mom-friend of mine, whose opinion I greatly respect, threw a Norwex Facebook party and raved about how much easier cleaning was for her. Honestly, I really only bought my first products to support my friend’s party.

But after trying the Envirocloth out on my extra-dirty house, I’m hooked too. So far, I’ve purchased and used the dryer balls, veggie cloth, envirocloth, and window cloth, and I love every one of them. Next at the top of my wish list are the kitchen cloth and mop. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go clean some stuff. I’m gonna clean my counters, I’m gonna clean my walls, I’m gonna clean my floors…the neighbors are all gonna think I hired a maid service.

Further Reading

If you want more information, or want to try out some Norwex products, check out Megan’s Norwex website at meganking.norwex.biz.

For more housekeeping tips, check out my post How to Fold a Fitted Sheet.

Questions of the Day

  1. What’s your least favorite household chore?
  2. Have you tried Norwex? If so, what’s your favorite product and why?

10 thoughts on “Spring Clean your Cleaning Routine: My Interview with a Norwex Consultant

  1. 1. What’s your least favorite household chore? Vacuuming and washing clothes lol
    2. Have you tried Norwex? If so, what’s your favorite product and why?
    Honestly before his post I never heard of it.

    1. My least favourite is vacuuming. I don’t know why but I think I generally hate pushing things along flat surfaces. My dislike of vacuuming also extends to mopping and mowing the lawn. I see a trend!

    1. Hi Barbara! The cloths are made of microfiber. The thing that makes Norwex microfiber different from any other is how fine it is. It is the width of 1/250th a human hair where it is required to be just 1/6th a human hair to be considered microfiber. Also, Norwex has the microsilver embedded in the cloths to disinfect and keep mold and mildew build up. Hope that helps!

  2. I LOATHE cleaning. lol I hate cleaning so much so that as soon as it fits my budget, I’m getting a maid service! I’ve never heard of these products but they sound efficient and cool. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This post was extremely enlightening. I don’t really have a favorite chore at all but my least favorite chore would probably be doing the dishes–it’s just not my cup of tea. I have never tried Norwex products but I am extremely intrigued by the dust mitt mentioned above. Dusting can seem so counter-productive because it seems like you are just moving around the dust so having that would be awesome!

  4. I never thought I’d read through an entire post about cleaning & cleaning products – but this is really interesting! I live on a small island in the Caribbean and am always looking for ways to lower my environmental impact, so I’ll definitely be checking these products out.

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