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Finding Motivation when I’m Not a Runner: Quarter 1 Update

Ok, I’m getting a workout in before I even sit down to start writing. Be right back…<twenty minutes later>…Whoosh! That felt amazing. Not a jog and nothing extreme, just squeezed in a little Piyo at home. I am not a fitness buff, but my health is important to me. And I already feel taller and more energetic. I didn’t feel right sitting down to talk about my fitness goals without backing my words up with some action. Holding myself accountable to all of you is certainly good motivation.

It’s hard to believe we’re already a quarter of the way through 2017. And it’s already time for an update on my progress with my goals for the year. As I mentioned in my post My 2017 Resolutions , I plan to train for and participate in an obstacle course or run by the end of the year. But to be honest, I’m feeling a little sheepish. As lofty as my resolutions and intentions were this year, I got off to a very slow start with running.

Getting Started is the Hardest Part


If you look at my Pinterest boards, you’ll see tons of inspirational pins about running or working out. I love the quotes that say stuff like “Be stronger than your excuses.” But it seems like I’ve had endless excuses for why “I can’t run today.” Just about an excuse for every occasion.

My first excuse was the insanely cold and icy weather we had this winter. I mean, it wouldn’t be safe to go out for a jog in the ice, right? The roads and sidewalks were a thick, solid layer of pure ice for weeks it seemed. I’d sprain an ankle or break a leg. And even if I didn’t hurt myself, I didn’t feel safe as a pedestrian. I couldn’t trust cars to stay on the road in that weather. And when my excuse wasn’t the weather, it was that I had the sniffles or I was too busy.

My Biggest Cheer Leader

But eventually, I did make it out to go running. It’s not often I find an opportunity to go running without the kids. My oldest can keep up with me pretty well. My youngest, not quite yet. She still gets a ride in the jogging stroller.

So the other day, it was just the little one and me. I made her a lunch, plopped her in her stroller, and away we went. A whopping ten minute jog. Hey, getting in shape doesn’t happen over night, right? Anyhow, by the time I was done for, my daughter was still eating, and was not pleased I had stopped. I was promptly informed I had to run until she was done with her lunch. My own little drill sergeant!

She has been my greatest cheer leader. After we started jogging together, she’d ask me frequently if we could go again. If she had her way, we’d go twice a day, every day!

Anyway, despite my slow start, I’m not giving up. Goodness knows, my little cheer-leader-turned-drill-sergeant won’t let me. And of course spring and warmer weather will help with my motivation <or lack there of>. But I also have a few ideas of my own to help get myself moving a bit better over the upcoming months.

Looking for Inspiration and Motivation

First, I want to explore. I want to explore different parks and running paths in my area and I hope to find a few favorite running spots. Nature inspires me and I always enjoy a run more when surrounded by trees.

Second, I plan to make some epic playlists with some of my favorite tunes to get me really pumped up on my runs. For that matter, I may consider an iPod…

Third, I hope to find some consistent running buddies who live close to me. Having running buddies has twofold benefits. It’s much more difficult to flake out on running if it means flaking out on a friend as well. It’s also just a lot more fun running with friends. <In another world, in another life, I used to go walking with a group of gals from work. It was a weekly thing, with a some what set time and place and an open invitation to everyone we worked with. I loved it. I miss it. And I miss those dear friends.>

And lastly, a tip I came across once while spending far too many hours on Pinterest was to get dressed in your active wear when you wake up. *giggle* Every time I say “active wear” I think of that active wear parody that went viral. My husband may laugh at me for wearing my active wear while going to the grocery store, but I swear it works! Even just putting on my running shoes on in the morning gives me an extra bounce in my step that makes me itch to run.

So, here’s to the next three months. Wish me some motivation.

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Questions of the Day:

  1. Where do you go running in bad weather?
  2. How do you motivate yourself to go for a run when you just aren’t feeling it?

10 thoughts on “Finding Motivation when I’m Not a Runner: Quarter 1 Update

  1. I went for a run today! The wind was terrible!! But it helps to make you a stronger running. I just keep telling myself the hardest part is getting out there 😉

  2. Finding motivation some days is really hard for me. On those days I make it a point to do some form of physical activity. If I do I reward myself with a coffee. Haha!

  3. I love running outside with the stroller. Plus, I get to take park and library breaks along the way so I am never running more than 2 miles for any stretch. I also do the treadmill at the gym. It is brutal, but I do intervals so I get to change things up every minute-2 minutes. Plus, I usually put on a good podcast.

  4. You ROCK for finding your motivation! I agree that an “epic playlist” is a great idea for continuing on. Don’t laugh, but when I am doing my spin bike I’m watching YouTube hiphop dance choreography routines. 😉

  5. Starting is always the hardest part!! Ive just started back working out.. and I must say it was a harder struggle in the beginning but once I did I did feel amazing !

  6. I really would love to get back into running. I was doing it for a while but every time I up my mileage I start to get shin splints! Not fun! But I do enjoy getting outside as much as possible. Maybe I’ll start easing into it again since the weather is getting warmer.

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