Marbled Christmas Ornament How-to

Christmas trees are definitely one of the best parts of the holiday season. Whether you go with a fake tree or a live tree, a tall and full tree or a bit of a Charlie Brown tree, they bring so much joy and spirit into a home. They can also be a fun display of your personality! This year we decorated our tree with marbled Christmas balls we made ourselves, and today I’m going to share with you how we did it.

This craft is inexpensive, fairly quick, and very easy to make. Even the littlest of hands can participate, with a little bit of help from parents. It can make a sweet keepsake or a great, personalized gift idea for family, friends, teachers, or your children’s classmates. So roll up your sleeves, and let’s get started!

First, assemble your supplies:

  • Clear Christmas balls (About $6/pack of 6 and up)
  • Two to three colors of acrylic paint of your choice ($1.50 and up per tube)
  • Paper cup (One for each ornament you decorate; you can get a pack of 12 at the dollar store)

Optional supplies:

  • Painter’s tape
  • Ribbon (1/8″) or ornament hooks

Project time: About 1 hour, then leave to dry over night

Start by assembling your supplies: Clear Christmas balls, two to three colors of acrylic paint, one paper cup per ball
Remove the metal topper and set it aside for later.
Squeeze your first acrylic paint in several locations around the opening and allow the paint to run down to the bottom of the ball.
Add second, then third colors; allow each color to run down to the bottom of the ball.
Pro tip: Less is more here. Adding too much paint can produce a poor marbling effect.
Pro tip: For little hands, tape over the opening at the top with painter’s tape to help prevent messy spills.
Rotate the ball sideways about every five minutes until the entire inside of the ball is covered with paint. Continue to rotate the ball until you’ve created your desired marbled effect. I leave my ornament sideways in a paper cup (as seen above) so I can multitask between rotations.
Turn the ball upside down to drain the excess paint into a paper cup over night. If too much paint was used, the ornament may need to drain over two nights.
Once the excess paint is drained and the remaining paint is dry, clean the opening with a paper towel. Carefully replace the metal topper so as not to scratch away any paint on the inside of the ball.
Add ribbon and bows, or you can purchase ornament hooks at most stores that sell Christmas decorations.
Hang your ornament on the Christmas tree or gift it to someone you care about!

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  1. I think these look most beautiful with only 2-3 colors (as the pictures above). I tried using too many colors once and it turned out to be a dark brown of all the combined colors.

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