Christmas Placemat How-to

Thanksgiving is past. The left-overs are gone and we’re slowly coming out of our turkey-daze. We’ve all survived the mad frenzy of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. And now the gift-wrapping craze begins.

Sometimes it seems like kids love boxes and wrapping paper more than what actually comes in the package. OK, I’m gonna let my inner child show a little here. I love wrapping paper. I love shopping for wrapping paper. I love shopping for wrapping paper with my sister. She loves wrapping paper too.

Now that that’s out of my system…

Any time I’m wrapping gifts, my girls start to look for gifts they can create and wrap themselves. <Hey, they love wrapping paper too!> So. Here’s a fun little craft that takes almost no prep time, the cost is minimal, it’s a fun keepsake they can use each holiday season and keep for years to come, and most important, now everyone gets to play with wrapping paper!

This fun little project was actually one my mother did with my sister and me when we were little. I remember how meticulously my mother cut out the shapes. <A red plaid reindeer. A bell.> I remember the anticipation of waiting for her to finish so I could begin my art work! I remember admiring my completed masterpiece. My mom still has our placemats to this day. As I was doing this project with my girls, I saw that same excitement in their eyes as I gathered all our supplies, and I hope someday my girls will look back on this project with the same fondness.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my simple how-to!

Assemble supplies: wrapping paper, 14″X22″ cardstock, and glue stick.
Cut cardstock in half so you have two pieces that are each 11″X14″.
Cut out shapes from wrapping paper. You can do this step yourself, or let your child practice their motor skills by cutting the shapes out themselves.
Have your child arrange the pieces so they’re just right.
Glue wrapping paper shapes in place.
Don’t forget to add name and age on the back! Goodness knows you will not remember how old they were when they made this 10 years down the road.
Take completed masterpiece to your local print shop and have it laminated. And there you have it – your custom-made Christmas placemat.

Price breakdown:

Cardstock: $0.99; The 14″X22″ cardstock I found at Joann’s near the posterboard.

Gluestick: $0.82

Wrapping Paper: $1-???; This just really depends on what you want to spend on your wrapping paper. You can find rolls for $1 a piece at the dollar store, or go for the fancy $10/roll foil wrapping paper. I managed to get mine on sale for $2.49 a roll at Joann’s. I was standing in line. I’ll be honest. It was an impulse buy.

Lamination: $3.99 each at Fedex.

Assembly time: 1 hour

*This would be a brilliant activity to do with the Valentine’s Day cards your little ones don’t want to part with!

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  1. Yes, I had so much fun doing this project with you, Danielle and my daycare kids. As you said, I still have yours and would post a picture, but there isn’t a place to do so! Love Mom

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