Button Hair Tie Tutorial

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a craft idea with you all. But I’ve got a button hair tie tutorial for you today that’s so cute, simple, and inexpensive, it will leave you looking like Martha Stewart without even breaking a sweat.

I purchased these darling little hair ties at the Sunday Market and they have been my some of daughters’ favorite hair accessories. Heck, they’re some of my favorite hair accessories for them too! When I got them home and looked at them more closely, I realized it would be all too easy to make my own. But when one daughter lost her hair tie, I realized I better quit thinking about it and finally get around to doing it. They’re so sweet in braids and would make such sweet little gifts for my daughters’ friends for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. Plus, they’re so simple and quick to make, it’s easy to make them en masse!

Assembly Time:

Washing and drying is the most time consuming part of the craft and depends on the length of your wash cycle. Once your fabric is washed, dried and ironed, it only takes five minutes at most to assemble a set of two button hair ties.

Button Hair Tie Supplies

  • Fabric – preferably with a small print
  • 3/4″ Craft Cover Button Kit (As shown above; you can purchase these at your local craft store)
  • Small, multi-colored hair ties
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Button Hair Tie Instructions

1. Wash and dry fabric according to fabric care instructions; then iron.
2. Use the plastic circular template that comes with the craft cover button kit to trace a circle onto your fabric. Be sure to line up your desired pattern in the center of the window.
3. Cut out the circles you’ve traced.
4. Use the button press to create your button. Here’s what the press looks like that comes with your kit. Instructions on how to make these buttons also come with the kit, on the back of the package. I’ve detailed the instructions here with photos to help.
Button top and bottom
Be sure your fabric is wrong-side-up for this step.
4.a. Create a sandwich with the clear plastic part of the button press on bottom, the fabric wrong-side-up in the middle, and the button top on top.  Press the button top into the button press.
4.b. Be sure the design on your fabric is centered the way you want it.
4.c. Fold the fabric into the button top. Place the button bottom on top, and use the blue part of the button press to press the two pieces of the button together until they snap into place. If it’s difficult to press together, sometimes placing the button press upside down and pressing down into the table will help.
5. Select matching hair ties.

6. Thread hair tie through button hole. This part can get a little tricky, but it does fit with some patience and coaxing.
7. Thread the other end of hair tie through the end that’s been threaded through the button hole. Pull tight.
And voila! You have your finished, custom made button hair-tie.
Custom make hair ties to match your daughter’s favorite dress or for her to gift to her friends.

For Further Reading

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