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57 Date Night Ideas to Get You out of a Rut

I truly believe that one key to a happily-ever-after is to never stop dating your spouse. Never stop getting to know one another, growing and learning together. Date night is ever important for a strong marriage. But life gets crazy busy. It can be difficult to find a sitter, or sometimes you’re just short on cash.… Continue reading 57 Date Night Ideas to Get You out of a Rut

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How to Meal Prep Like a Boss

We’re already several weeks into the New Year, and hopefully keeping strong with the resolutions we made to improve our health. A couple of weeks ago I posted about menu planning and how it can improve and maintain healthy eating habits. This week is all about meal prep, and the two go together like carrots… Continue reading How to Meal Prep Like a Boss


Button Hair Tie Tutorial

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a craft idea with you all. But I’ve got a button hair tie tutorial for you today that’s so cute, simple, and inexpensive, it will leave you looking like Martha Stewart without even breaking a sweat. I purchased these darling little hair ties at the Sunday Market… Continue reading Button Hair Tie Tutorial

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8 Tips for Raising a Life-Long Veggie-Lover

Breaking News: Lachanophobia Pandemic Strikes the Nation! *Lachanophobia: An irrational fear and avoidance of vegetables.  Parents everywhere are struggling to get their kids to eat their vegetables, often resorting to tactics such as bribery or disguise. There are reports of parents across the nation offering their children bribes, such as,”If you finish your vegetables, you… Continue reading 8 Tips for Raising a Life-Long Veggie-Lover

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8 Must Have Children’s Books About Art

January Book Review The power and importance of art is often under estimated. I remember I had an art teacher in elementary school who taught us that any art project we created, whatever mistake we may think we have made, there is nothing we cannot fix. When we thought we had ruined our project, she… Continue reading 8 Must Have Children’s Books About Art

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The Ultimate Menu Planning Guide

For all those who want to eat healthy, but have to do so on a schedule and a budget Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a percentage of the proceeds if purchases are made after clicking on the links.  Many of us have made health related New Year’s resolutions this… Continue reading The Ultimate Menu Planning Guide

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Finding the Right Preschool

Believe it or not, now is the time to start your search for the right preschool if you plan to enroll your child for Fall 2017. Preschools are already offering pre-enrollment for returning students, and will soon be offering open enrollment for new students. Allowing someone else to care for your child takes enormous trust,… Continue reading Finding the Right Preschool

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My 2017 Resolutions

I have a confession: I am not perfect. I do not have all the answers. I am not super mom. My house can be quite messy at times. I do not work faster than the speed of light. I am constrained to the same 24-hour day as every other mom in the world. I am… Continue reading My 2017 Resolutions

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Why I Make New Year’s Resolutions

Some words we use so often, we find them very familiar. Familiar enough that we may take their meaning for granted. But if we take a moment to read a word’s definition and reflect upon it, we often find hidden depths we have long over looked. Take, for example,the word resolve. “Resolve(v.) To come to a… Continue reading Why I Make New Year’s Resolutions